Francis Drake, Privateer

A privateer was a private warship authorized by his country to attack foreign shipping


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I am the Person Formerly Known as Your Leader

Because of all this, I need to repent and ask your forgiveness. I was wrong. I thought wrong things. I believed wrong things. I modeled wrong things. I taught wrong things. I was wrong. I have sinned against you and the others and against my grace loving, mercy giving, all powerful, all loving God.

– I repent for teaching and modeling that the “covering” of our church, my leadership, and our network would keep you from going into rebellion or deception.

– I took your private confidences and passed them on to the other leaders regardless of my telling you that I wouldn’t. I told myself that this was an accepted practice to gain wisdom in dealing with your situation. Now I see it was probably mostly to garner, in some twisted way, the favor of my leaders, to show my loyalty and to gain a better placement of myself in their leadership system.

– I taught, modeled and practiced tithing. I taught you that if you didn’t tithe, bad things would happen to you and/or your finances. Now I understand the fallacy of this. It is a fear tactic – and it is not of God.

– I did not stand up and speak up when I heard and saw something wrong being taught, lived, or modeled. In this way, you, as people who respected me had neither voice nor protection. There were many times I should have spoken up gently/humbly to correct other leaders around me. I wrongly felt that it was up to God to correct and deal with them. That it was not my “place” to correct “God’s Anointed.”

– I wanted to be seen by leaders as loyal and mostly I wanted to be in what I perceived as one of the “inner circles of friendship.” I bought their friendship with flattering words, serving them unconditionally, not making waves, not challenging them and being disloyal to what I sometimes knew was wrong. I was a religious whore.

– I taught you that with leaders, you did not have the right to expect friendship or any sort of loyalty back. I told you that you should become what I had become, completely a servant. They owed you and me nothing. I have learned to watch out for “friendships” where I am the servant only. I have learned my “servanthood” was nothing more than trying to manipulate myself into prominence.

– I taught that the church was an Army and that we therefore needed Generals and Sergeants to lead us. (I of course saw myself as the sergeant – not the head but certainly one of the right arms of the head.) Again, I did not read my Bible.




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church that satan set up —— 12 Feb. 09

About ten years ago, I was at a meeting of Christian businessmen in a hotel.

The anointing of the Holy Spirit flowing at those monthly meetings was sometimes extremely tangible.

I remember times when I looked at the floor, it was as if there was thick golden oil flowing in swirls all over it, and I had to sit with my feet (minus shoes) on the bar of the chair. If I put a foot on the floor, I would fall off the chair under the anointing of the Spirit!

On this particular occasion, I had taken an old prophetic friend who had not been before. He was sat at my right side around the table talking to another, and I had my back to him talking to the man on my left. I had no idea what his conversation was, nor do I remember mine before that point.

My friend suddenly nudged me in the back, and as I turned to him he said, “give me a definition of the church”.

I opened my mouth and out came these words.


I was taken aback.

My friend very firmly said, “THAT is the rhema word of the Lord.”

I knew, without question, that the Lord had just spoken through my prophetic answer, but I was nevertheless shocked at the clarity of the unexpected answer.

I started to consider the words and the seriousness of them.

Yes, the spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets (1cor14v32), and I could have kept my mouth closed. However, as already stated, the power of God was tangibly over the meeting.

The words didn’t come out of nowhere though. God had been working on me for a number of years about the false leadership structures in the church.

We must not be confused over prophetic words. Responsible prophets tend to only prophesy within the level of their faith. Therefore, God has to constantly challenge their personal faith through revelation and scripture in order to move the church forward.

Prophets frequently end up standing well out on a limb from the main church. This is because the church at large is thrill seeking rather than following God. (If Christians were truly following God, then not just a few prophets but all the five-fold ministries would be in abundance throughout the church)

When a prophet misses the mark, the church is the first to demand his stoning.

Shame on you weak, impotent men of God!
You Churchgoers!
Get off your butts and start chasing after God, rather than your Christian heroes.

However, this prophetic word was absolutely of God, and it hit at everything many hold dear. The response when I mention it is either anger and offense, or a realistic recognition of the actual words spoken.

The clue is in the word “institution”. Sadly, this includes virtually all churches.

The church of Jesus Christ was an organism. Man has exchanged this for an institutional organisation with an earthly system of hierarchical government.

It is this which gives rise to the rebellious idolatry of, “I must obey my pastor”.

This attitude cuts the believer off from any clear personal hearing of what the Lord might call him to do.

There is no precedent in the bible to expect one man to be able to give direction to a whole load of other Christians as to what God calls them to do in their lives.

Placing a pastor, or any man, between ourselves and God is an abdication of personal calling and a working of the spirit of antichrist.

Antichrist simply means “another anointed”. ie. a substitute for Christ.


“But the Lord loves his bride,” you say. I’ve got news for you. The church out there is not the bride. It may contain the bride, but that is all.

Therefore, I will reiterate the prophetic word that the Lord gave me –


1 Corinthians 14v29
“. . . let the others judge.”

I challenge you readers – do not simply read and pass by. Write your considered discernment in the Spirit in the comments. I’d love to hear from you.

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Can men shut up heaven? —–7 feb 09

I have an old friend who once related this story of his preparatory school days.

This was a church school, and consequently at the appropriate age all the children had to take confirmation classes.
These classes where taught by the chaplain of the school, a Church of England minister. Until the children had been Confirmed in the church, they were not permitted to take the bread and wine of communion during church services.

The young boys,  as you imagine were a little disinterested in all the religious ballyhoo. However these where processes to be done, and being a fee paying school it was important that the school continued to churn out the sort of child the parents expected.

Finally the main event arrives, the youngsters all troop off to the school chapel for the special Service of Confirmation. This is presided over by the local Bishop. It being his job during the appropriate  part of the service to lay hands on each boy.

Now despite the general disinterest from all the boys in the academics of  communion, somethings had actually gone home.
They had been taught that when the Bishop (the man with the funny hat) laid hands on them they would all be filled with the Holy Spirit just like Pentecost.
If nothing else, my friend and his young buddy had digested this little bit of information. They, in their childish hearts, actually had an expectation of something from God.

At the appropriate point of the service the boys went down in pairs to kneel before the Bishop, for him to lay his two hands upon them. My two friends followed in at their turn and knelt with some anticipation. As he laid hands on them, suddenly they were filled with the Spirit of God and speaking with other tongues.

The reaction to this was an outraged horror from the Bishop and the Chaplain, who rounded on the two, yelling at them to stop this “devilish babble”. The two boys, not knowing what had hit them suddenly had their joy quenched by the full weight of ecclesiastical authority, who of course knew that the actual gifts of the Holy Spirit had ceased with the death of the apostles. This terrible babble could only therefore come from Satan himself.

The children’s foolishness in believing what had been taught was their undoing.

For my friend, it was well over twenty years, and plumbing the depths of alcoholism, and a destroyed marriage before he had anyone bring to him the reality of God in his life again. He once again found the One he had met before, and was healed, restored, filled with the Spirit again, and speaking in tongues!

It is abundantly clear that the ministers of the church had less faith in the truths they taught than their hearers. Yet it is God who convicts, even a child, of the validity of what is said.

Sadly it also shows how the messenger can also intrude into the message and pervert it.   

Mat 23:13 But woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you shut up the kingdom of Heaven against men. For you neither go in, nor do you allow those entering to go in.

Sadly, religion so often shuts up heaven in favour of man’s wisdom. However the regalia of denomination has its reward on earth only. How often do we shut up heaven because of our unbelief?

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Two visions of church. What is yours.

 6 january 09

This is a comment  which I put on another blog recently.

When asked, what is the purpose of the church, a valid answer might well be. The purpose of the church is to get people to join the church!

Churches, for the main, to me seem to be operating on “momentum” rather than actually being on a journey to any destination.

There is a game sometimes in the UK amongst college students, I presume the same is true in the USA. It is called, “let’s see how many people we can cram into a telephone box, (or mini car).
It has no real purpose other than the doing.

This seems so much like church. Even though they claim vision, which may have been taken from scripture, it is clear from any objective observation, that very little of the church programme will actually enable them to arrive at that place.

Many years ago whilst in a meeting, the Lord gave me two very vivid pictures of contrasting church styles.

Firstly I saw a well known comic strip cartoon picture of a crowd of children rolling a monster sized snowball across a snow laden school field. Any time a child got in the way or tried to change its direction he was unwittingly rolled over and picked up in the juggernaut’s progress. The cartoon picture had the occasional hand, pair of rubber boots or a frozen head sticking out. None of this halted its progress across the field, it just continued to get bigger and bigger. Woe betide anyone who felt that he had a bit of unput to give to its direction.

To me this was quite funny as I remember at junior school one winter having rolled such a ball across the field into the goal mouth, where the ball stayed many months after the freeze had gone, blocking the goal.

The other vivid picture given at the same time was of tumbleweed tearing across a dusty landscape. It was totally driven by the wind and kept changing direction with each gust. Everywhere it went seeds were scattered. It had little value in itself other than shedding seeds. It might in its end be only a little kindling fuel. The sign of its passing? A huge crop of more tumbleweed, in its season.

I have derived much illumination from this vision over the years since, but I will leave this comment with two small thoughts to ponder.

The monolithic snowball that is being built in many parts of the body only puts the members in suspended animation. Growth as a functionary of that church might be perceived, but that is not necessarily growth in Christ himself.

In contrast the tumble weed picture reminds me of John3v8
The wind blows where it will, you hear the sound of it, but can’t tell where it comes from or where it is going. So is he that is born of the wind.

I can’t imagine the snowball blowing in the wind.

I challenge you to look at these two visions. Are you driven by the wind, or frozen in time. Don’t just read passively please think and comment. 

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