Francis Drake, Privateer

A privateer was a private warship authorized by his country to attack foreign shipping

God’s Tumbleweed Church.

Decades ago, the Lord gave me a vision or dream, I cannot remember which. However the pictures he gave are still vivid in my mind.

I saw two pictures of church.

In one picture, I was watching a group of children rolling a monster snowball across a school playing field. In fact the picture was lifted out of a children’s comic strip. The snowball got bigger and bigger as it rolled.

This notion had fond memories for me because I remember at my junior school in the 50s when we rolled one of these monster snowballs across the field and left it parked in the goalmouth. It stayed, blocking play, well into the spring, long after the snow melted on the field.

The problem in my vision and in the cartoon, was that those rolling it could no longer see over the top of the ball, and if anyone perhaps decided to help push in a new direction, they just got rolled up into the snowball. The picture on the cartoon strip was of a snowball with hands, legs and the odd head sticking out of it. Frozen and helpless, everyone just got consumed by the juggernaut.

This is what the church of today has become, filled with inoperative, ineffective, helpless, believers, frozen in their spiritual growth, whilst the church gets bigger, heavier, and more unwieldy. Woe betide anyone who feels a slight change of direction would be in order! Goodbye!


The next picture the Lord gave me was of tumbleweed, just as we might see in a typical western cowboy film. The tumbleweed has no worthwhile substance to it, other than its loads of seeds. When it is seed time, the wind snaps it off at the roots and it then tears across the ground throwing seed everywhere. What is left may possibly make good kindling, I have no idea.  However as a spreader of seed, it is second to none. It is so light, that every change of wind direction, the tumbleweed follows easily. Left, right, up, down, it has instant lightweight reaction to follow the wind. Tumble weed, is born on the wind, just like Jesus said we should be. Tumble weed carries no weight, no excess baggage. It exists to spread seed.

The true church of Jesus Christ would be a tumbleweed church, born on the wind.

Unfortunately the church that man has created is a juggernaut snowball which freezes the life out of the saints.

We can all make the choice of what type of believer we want to be.

We don’t need to let church dictate where the wind blows us. That choice is our responsibility and ours alone.


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