Francis Drake, Privateer

A privateer was a private warship authorized by his country to attack foreign shipping

Hearing God at the dinner table.

Years ago a friend of ours called and asked us if we wouldn’t mind hosting a dinner party at our house, because her home was too small. She was a regular and excellent hostess in her own place, but she wanted more space, and more people, this time. She planned to ask several acquaintances along who were either non or ex-believers, and mix them with believers.

We agreed, and between us we prepared the evening. It turned out a thoroughly interesting time, and I found myself alongside a couple who had suffered abuse at the hands of church leadership. They related a sad story which inevitably led to me explaining demonic control and spiritual warfare. They were very probing and demanding of my thoughts.

After about twenty minutes of this, a lady opposite them, who had been listening intently, interjected with, “excuse me, but what are these demons you are talking about?”

I had never met Karen, and was a little unsure as to how I could in a nutshell, answer her obviously sincere question. The subject demanded a lengthy answer.

I did the best I could, starting briefly with God’s creation and Satan tempting Adam with the fall etc. Followed by a sketch of the war of Satan dragging God’s creation as far removed from Godly influence as possible, and of mankind rejecting God’s chosen way.

When I had done, Karen simply said, “That explains a lot, explains my family.” I was truly taken aback. She apologised when she saw my perplexed look. She was not mocking me, she had genuinely understood how it had affected her family.

The meal continued with much interesting discussion, and with some clear needs admitted. As we ended I suggested we adjourn to the living room for coffee, and a time of prayer. The table was cleared and the dishwasher stacked as we gradually migrated to the living room.

This was a group of almost complete strangers, of totally different spiritual experience, so I was not sure where to begin. One of the couples had a very distressing family problem, and they asked for prayer immediately. I therefore suggested, rather than diving in with heavy handed prayer we just ask God for his direction and then wait quietly to see what God spoke to us.  I also encouraged each to be humble before God, and to truly expect Him to speak quietly into our hearts, no matter what we had experienced before. If he did, we should then be bold enough to reveal it to the rest.

We quickly got under way, with a few of the group praying out loud. I soon had an impression in my spirit as to the root of the problem. However I knew if I revealed it too soon, everyone else would relax their listening. So I quietly continued to pray and wait. Suddenly Karen, who had asked for an explanation of demons, spoke out. She had a word going around and around in her head. I asked her to let us have it, which she did.

Paydirt! Not only did it confirm what I had kept silent about, but the couple who had asked for prayer immediately concurred that it was true. We were therefore were able to do a quick, spirit led, deliverance from demonic control over the situation. The demons were soon cast out and all present were amazed at the spontaneity, normality, and speed of dealing with the issue in a Godly manner.

The evening came to a successful conclusion and everyone departed full of thanks.

After the door shut on the final person, my wife said to me. Did you realise that Karen only gave her life to the Lord as we filled the dishwasher in the kitchen.

I had presumed she was a mature believer, when she in fact she was simply a little child in God’s eyes. She had innocently accepted my call to listen to God with none of the preconceived doubts that I find amongst church people who have merely learned to depend on their pastors. Karen saw the kingdom through the eyes of a child, and told what she saw or heard.

As I got to know her later through our mutual friend, she had absolutely no desire for church. She just kept a close walk with God. She had several Christian friends and often had fellowship with them. She really saw where the roots of trouble in her family came from and showed more wisdom than many or the church Christians I had met.


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  1. Francis,

    Seriously, your stuff is extremely relevant and well-thought out. I am earnestly awaiting your next post!!

    A son of God in Bethel, CT,
    a brother in Jesus,
    and a guy who is wonderfully flawed,

    Donald in Bethel, CT

    Comment by Donald Borsch Jr. | January 4, 2011

  2. Truly interesting. Just knowing God can do any thing at any time is awesome,and he showed up for a purpose which was fulfilled. This post is so touching thanks for sharing. 😀

    Comment by Pat | January 8, 2011

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