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A privateer was a private warship authorized by his country to attack foreign shipping

Morse code for the saints who bother to listen.

Again I confess to cheating on my blog posts. This post is actually an enlargement of a comment that I placed on projectmathetes, a blog I follow.  I have not done much here on my blog for a long while because of spending so much time on other blogs. However, I thought this story would be fun.

The subject of hearing God speak is something dear to my heart. Hearing God is also something I am not particularly good at, but I love the learning experience, and the result when I do hear Him speak.

We often end up rejecting what we think is, maybe, maybe not, the still small voice of God. We reject it because we believe God has a big stick to beat us when we make mistakes. We are fearful of God’s anger.

This is not the God of the bible. It is the false God of religious and church tradition. God knows before the world began, that we would foul up on a given day. Yet he still loves us. Those who make no mistakes usually make nothing. The same is true in the walk of the spirit.

I really hated school, but the School of the Spirit is something entirely different. It is where I always get personal tuition, and that from the Great Teacher Himself. I am not always aware when I am in his lesson, but I quickly see when things start to happen. Also I never have had to go to a college or university or even church to learn, I can learn anywhere in life.

The following story started at our coffee table writing Christmas cards.

Just before departing for our house group meeting last friday, we remembered that we had two Christmas cards to take. My wife was watching me as I wrote out the words “Merry Christmas and a happy……” at this point she interjected with “Happy new ear”, making me laugh.

However knowing that Sandie had a sense of humour we decided to actually write “Happy new ear”, just to see if she spotted it.
On arrival at Sandie’s house we handed the two cards out before we sat down with everyone to enjoy an evening of fellowship and listening to the Holy Spirit.

As we waited on the Lord, there were shortly a number of small but inconclusive “words” and “pictures” given by the Holy Spirit. We talked, and continued to listen and pray.
Then the Lord reminded Sandie about a story which she had heard. Her story was about a man long ago who was applying for a job as a Morse code telegraphist. When he arrived at the place, there were lots of people in the lobby waiting to be interviewed, all creating a general hubbub. As he waited with the crowd, faintly over the noise, he could just hear morse code being tapped out. He turned his ear away from the din of the people to listen. He suddenly knew what to do, and to do it immediately. He slipped away from the din and through an office door where he was immediately given the job.
The Morse message? “If you understand this message, come through the door and present yourself to the secretary.”

Sandie’s recollection of the story was triggered by the Spirit, to illustrate the importance of having a sensitive ear to hear the voice of the Lord, above the noise of everything going on around us. It was about our choice to tune in with our Spiritual ears just like a Morse signaller would.
He who has an ear to hear let him hear!
As we discussed the story, the pictures and words received earlier, started to make sense.
At this point I remembered the card and asked her if she had read it, which she had not. She opened it and burst out laughing, to the perplexity of the others. As she read it out, we all sat in awe at the humour and wisdom of the Lord in using such a simple “Happy New ear” message to carry such importance to our spiritual journey. It was as if God had ordained the silly greeting in the card as a way of validating his message to his children.

This all may seem very trite to those who are used to strong structured meetings. However the Lord had for a very long time, been leading us via the Holy Spirit on a very clear learning curve. This meeting in its unscripted, Spirit led way had again revealed God’s hand of love and his clear purpose for our little group.


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  1. I honestly believe the Spirit laughs at us quite a bit when we try to ‘institutionalize’ or ‘label’ anything having to do with God our Father, Jesus our LORD, or He Himself.

    Thanks for reading my stuff, Drake. I appreciate the pingback and it is nice to see you once again blogging. I look forward to reading more of your stuff.

    Donald Borsch Jr.
    Project: Mathetes

    Comment by projectmathetes | December 21, 2010

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