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A privateer was a private warship authorized by his country to attack foreign shipping

The dangers of hitchhiking……………..13june09

A number of years ago I was travelling north along one of the main routes in England. I had forgotten to fill up with fuel before leaving so I was on the lookout for the service area. As soon as it came in sight I indicated and proceeded to the fuel area. I very soon regretted my decision as the price would have required a bank loan to refill my tank. So I just sailed past and started down the slip road onto the main highway again. As I accelerated towards the road I was aware of a figure at the side of the road with his thumb out hitching a lift.

Now, gone are the days that I hitchhiked or regularly picked up hitchhikers, however I sent a quick query up to the Lord, “shall I stop”.

Feeling a distinct affirmative from the Lord I screached to a halt 50 yards past the man and blasted my horn, whereupon he came running after me.

He climbed in with profuse thanks, and settled down for the ride. He was a stonemason, I guess about thirty years old, who had been working on one of the ancient cathedrals of England. He told me that he was now on his way to visit his mother.

Mixed with general conversation his story unfolded. While he talked, I started to quietly ask the Lord about this total stranger who was sat beside me.

With obvious emotion he started to speak about his childhood, his family having split in what sounded like an acrimonious divorce. He being taken by the father and the rest of the children remaining with the mother.  He hardly knew his own mother and now she was sick and he was, with trepidation, visiting with a view to restoring a lost relationship.

That he was hurting badly inside was obvious. He then said something like, “my father must have really hated me, taking me from my mother like that”.

I listened a little more, and then as the Holy Spirit prompted me I simply asked him, if he thought his father hated him so much, what did he think his  Father in Heaven thought about him.

At this point he started to lose all control of his emotions.

I was also by now over a hundred miles further along the road and most desperately in need of fuel, but had up to that point not wanted any reason to distract the conversation. The next service area was at hand and I pulled off to refuel.

This also was the parting of the ways because he needed to go in a different direction on the road ahead  and this was the only road legal place for him to get another lift. In order to  continue the conversation I therefore asked him to wait whilst I refuelled so we could go inside and get a coffee and a bite to eat, which he was gratefully accepted.

We sat down and picked up the conversation. In a short while I had given him a rundown on the Father’s love for him. He and I prayed together and the presence of the Holy Spirit radiated in that corner of the cafe as he wept his way into the Kingdom. I confess that I was not at all dry eyed.

As he regained his voice he suddenly started to say again and again, “this was meant to be, this was meant to be……”

Shaking with emotion he explained.

” I stood at the side of the road and said, GOD IF YOU ARE REAL, GET ME A LIFT”

He got much more than just a lift, from a very real and very loving God.

I was equally shaken. If I had not listened to the whisper of God’s voice telling me to stop………..?


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