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Does God speak or give dreams to sinners?…….6 June 09

The question in the title above represents the thoughts of many Christians I have encountered. Why would God who is Holy, speak to non Christians. Also because they are in rebellion they wouldn’t be able to hear him until they are born again? The additional problem is that the average Christian  rarely seems to experience the voice of God, therefore it would be entirely wrong to countenance the idea of God talking to his enemies when he doesn’t seem to give time to talk to his own. There is another way of considering this question. Does Satan talk to unbelievers and sinners. Does Satan draw them both along with evil ideas hoping that evil fruit will ensue. I know its a bit of a daft point, but often when you reframe a question or statement in a slightly obtuse or inverse way the answer stand out in neon lights. Satan can, and constantly does, speak into both saints and sinner’s lives. Witness Adam in the Garden of Eden, or Jesus in the wilderness and also all those demonised people who Jesus healed in the gospels. If Satan or demons are shown doing such things, then to maintain that God doesn’t, can’t or won’t speak to ANYONE who listens is plain absurd. (or perhaps just religious). Delving deeper

  1. Everyone, saint and sinner has a spirit man, (remember we are body, soul, and spirit) . Our spirit man has five senses like the physical man. The problem is that in the western world, we have put our spirit senses to sleep, in favour of our physical senses. Our physical senses however are deaf and blind to the things of the spirit. This makes actually hearing God an unfamiliar idea.   Remember, “he who has an ear to hear….”
  2. Disconcerting though it may be, many New Agers can comprehend things of the spirit far better than most Christians I have met. The problem with New Agers is that they keep bad spiritual company, and are thus also likely to be deceived.
  3. Christians on the other hand obviously know much better, they just disallow all spiritual voices out of fear, (unless they’ve checked it with their Pastor). They instinctively know such voices must be demonic!
  4. If the gospel is “spiritually” discerned, how can a non Christian possibly understand it, when his spirit is supposed to be dead?
  5. What about Nebucadnezzar’s dreams? They were clearly from God.
  6. What about Pilate’s wife’s dream, whatever that was, it troubled her greatly!
  7. What about the Muslims, many of whom are receiving dreams about the deity of Jesus?
  8. What about Jesus who was God in the flesh, (if you have seen me you have seen the Father), who spent all his time with sinners for the very reason that they would hear him whereas the religious leadership wouldn’t listen.

Perhaps maybe just a little, God does talk and give dreams to sinners as well as saints! Has anyone experienced God speaking to them, in words or dreams, before they “became a Christian”.


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