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A privateer was a private warship authorized by his country to attack foreign shipping

The dangers of hitchhiking……………..13june09

A number of years ago I was travelling north along one of the main routes in England. I had forgotten to fill up with fuel before leaving so I was on the lookout for the service area. As soon as it came in sight I indicated and proceeded to the fuel area. I very soon regretted my decision as the price would have required a bank loan to refill my tank. So I just sailed past and started down the slip road onto the main highway again. As I accelerated towards the road I was aware of a figure at the side of the road with his thumb out hitching a lift.

Now, gone are the days that I hitchhiked or regularly picked up hitchhikers, however I sent a quick query up to the Lord, “shall I stop”.

Feeling a distinct affirmative from the Lord I screached to a halt 50 yards past the man and blasted my horn, whereupon he came running after me.

He climbed in with profuse thanks, and settled down for the ride. He was a stonemason, I guess about thirty years old, who had been working on one of the ancient cathedrals of England. He told me that he was now on his way to visit his mother.

Mixed with general conversation his story unfolded. While he talked, I started to quietly ask the Lord about this total stranger who was sat beside me.

With obvious emotion he started to speak about his childhood, his family having split in what sounded like an acrimonious divorce. He being taken by the father and the rest of the children remaining with the mother.  He hardly knew his own mother and now she was sick and he was, with trepidation, visiting with a view to restoring a lost relationship.

That he was hurting badly inside was obvious. He then said something like, “my father must have really hated me, taking me from my mother like that”.

I listened a little more, and then as the Holy Spirit prompted me I simply asked him, if he thought his father hated him so much, what did he think his  Father in Heaven thought about him.

At this point he started to lose all control of his emotions.

I was also by now over a hundred miles further along the road and most desperately in need of fuel, but had up to that point not wanted any reason to distract the conversation. The next service area was at hand and I pulled off to refuel.

This also was the parting of the ways because he needed to go in a different direction on the road ahead  and this was the only road legal place for him to get another lift. In order to  continue the conversation I therefore asked him to wait whilst I refuelled so we could go inside and get a coffee and a bite to eat, which he was gratefully accepted.

We sat down and picked up the conversation. In a short while I had given him a rundown on the Father’s love for him. He and I prayed together and the presence of the Holy Spirit radiated in that corner of the cafe as he wept his way into the Kingdom. I confess that I was not at all dry eyed.

As he regained his voice he suddenly started to say again and again, “this was meant to be, this was meant to be……”

Shaking with emotion he explained.

” I stood at the side of the road and said, GOD IF YOU ARE REAL, GET ME A LIFT”

He got much more than just a lift, from a very real and very loving God.

I was equally shaken. If I had not listened to the whisper of God’s voice telling me to stop………..?


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Welfare=infantilism in people and church…..7 june 09

I cheat a bit on my Blog.

I find myself so engrossed in other blogs and adding comments that I don’t spend sufficient time posting here. However there are some excellent debates going on out there. I get inspired by the questions being addressed and this leads me to cut and paste what I have written as comment elsewhere. This post is one such  example pasted from a comment I put on Larrywho’s blog yesterday.

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When the final true revival comes, it will be because congregations have realised they have been robbed, robbed of what God ordained them to be. They will realise that they have been robbed of their personal Holy Priesthood by the men and women in robes or dog collars which they asked to stand at the front. Robbed by those who tradition alone calls priests or ministers, and who have orchestrated the church’s walk for over a thousand years.

When that same pew fodder finally gets out and puts Elijah’s mantle on and enters the battle, UNDER THE DIRECTION OF THE CAPTAIN OF THE HOST OF THE LORD ALONE, rather than another man, then we might see some butts kicked, (spiritually speaking I mean). As Larry rightly says, Luther changed the doctrine but not the wineskin. Until the wineskin of church structure bursts, the saints will always be labouring under a burden of manmade leadership ideology, an ideology that didn’t originate in God.

I feel sad for America. King Obama is on the throne now. His clear and declared intention is to do in one presidency, what has taken sixty years to achieve in the UK. ie destroy a nation by deception and the infantilising of its people. The “Land of the Free” becomes the Land of the Feeble, like Britain, everyone kept in the spiritual, social, financial play pen so they don’t get hurt.

The promise of the Labour government which came into power in the UK after the war was that their new “Welfare State” would take care of everyone from the cradle to the grave. ie the state would become Mummy, Daddy, Nanny, Nurse, God etc. (or pastor priest vicar etc)

The UK is now in a state of acute moral degeneration. Socialism is the biggest vote purchasing scheme imaginable. Keep throwing money at the lazy and undeserving and they cease to be productive or responsible. The constant cry in the UK is, “why doesn’t the Government do something”. The idea of anyone personally doing anything, through a simple sense of mature responsibility has long gone from most of this nation. In fact most such actions are now illegal!

My prayer for a long time has been for the massive collapse of our Welfare State. (I am hoping that we may just be seeing the first shoots of that disintegration. Only time will tell.)

There is a distinct connection between strong Church leadership which makes decisions on our behalf, and strong state leadership which also makes all decisions on our behalf. It is called “Abdication”, it is an “Ahab” spirit, a spirit of immaturity which refuses to take responsibility for personal decisions and risks.

It is evident in the Israelites when they demanded a king to rule over them. God said that it was rebellion against his personal reign over them. However they insisted, despite Gods most stern warning. God said that when the king that they choose becomes a tyrant, “don’t come to me about it as I won’t listen to you”. Likewise I don’t think he listens to those who protest about tyrannical church leadership. “You chose that system, don’t complain to me!” Its like expecting a crocodile not to eat people! (The very reason I exited the church system)

The Saints have adopted the same spirit in demanding “strong leadership” to make the decisions for them instead of getting before God and learning to hear His voice and do His will.

The voters have demonstrated the same heart as the church in demanding a “Big State” to rule over them and take the decisions for them. The two are very connected, the same demonic power is very clearly at work. Its purpose in both cases is to create a passive people. To quote Larry,- “Three corporate church and personal sins we all struggle with are apathy, lethargy and compromise.”


The saints, vast numbers of which voted for social welfare both in the UK and the States, MUST take personal responsibility for their walk before God, instead of letting their Pastor or minister carry it on their behalf.

I believe that God is challenging the Saints to come out into the wilderness, away from the safety of their cozy congregations.

I believe he is challenging the Saints to take risks in their walk without the safe “covering” of church leadership.

I believe Christ is saying, as he did to Peter when he was in the middle of the Sea of Galilee, “come”.

It is time for the Saints to get out of their manmade boat, the church, and walk over the water with Jesus.

Come and discover the “Covering” of Christ himself rather than another man. Then we will experience Revival. There will be mistakes on the way, but those who don’t make mistakes usually don’t make anything.

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Does God speak or give dreams to sinners?…….6 June 09

The question in the title above represents the thoughts of many Christians I have encountered. Why would God who is Holy, speak to non Christians. Also because they are in rebellion they wouldn’t be able to hear him until they are born again? The additional problem is that the average Christian  rarely seems to experience the voice of God, therefore it would be entirely wrong to countenance the idea of God talking to his enemies when he doesn’t seem to give time to talk to his own. There is another way of considering this question. Does Satan talk to unbelievers and sinners. Does Satan draw them both along with evil ideas hoping that evil fruit will ensue. I know its a bit of a daft point, but often when you reframe a question or statement in a slightly obtuse or inverse way the answer stand out in neon lights. Satan can, and constantly does, speak into both saints and sinner’s lives. Witness Adam in the Garden of Eden, or Jesus in the wilderness and also all those demonised people who Jesus healed in the gospels. If Satan or demons are shown doing such things, then to maintain that God doesn’t, can’t or won’t speak to ANYONE who listens is plain absurd. (or perhaps just religious). Delving deeper

  1. Everyone, saint and sinner has a spirit man, (remember we are body, soul, and spirit) . Our spirit man has five senses like the physical man. The problem is that in the western world, we have put our spirit senses to sleep, in favour of our physical senses. Our physical senses however are deaf and blind to the things of the spirit. This makes actually hearing God an unfamiliar idea.   Remember, “he who has an ear to hear….”
  2. Disconcerting though it may be, many New Agers can comprehend things of the spirit far better than most Christians I have met. The problem with New Agers is that they keep bad spiritual company, and are thus also likely to be deceived.
  3. Christians on the other hand obviously know much better, they just disallow all spiritual voices out of fear, (unless they’ve checked it with their Pastor). They instinctively know such voices must be demonic!
  4. If the gospel is “spiritually” discerned, how can a non Christian possibly understand it, when his spirit is supposed to be dead?
  5. What about Nebucadnezzar’s dreams? They were clearly from God.
  6. What about Pilate’s wife’s dream, whatever that was, it troubled her greatly!
  7. What about the Muslims, many of whom are receiving dreams about the deity of Jesus?
  8. What about Jesus who was God in the flesh, (if you have seen me you have seen the Father), who spent all his time with sinners for the very reason that they would hear him whereas the religious leadership wouldn’t listen.

Perhaps maybe just a little, God does talk and give dreams to sinners as well as saints! Has anyone experienced God speaking to them, in words or dreams, before they “became a Christian”.

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